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So who are we?

Our objective is to set ourselves apart from the “same old same old” recruitment company and The Job Vault came about with the missive to do it better. Recruitment as it should be! We want to tear up the traditional image of recruiters and bring back consultancy and deliver true added value to our partnerships in business.

OK, so that is what they all say, isn’t it?

Possibly so, but here is what makes us different from just another recruitment company:

Our staff earned their stripes in fields other than recruitment. We don’t want to deliver the same as the rest, we think outside the box. We understand recruitment but also have experience in marketing, advertising (TV, online and publishing) and can think full circle when it comes to finding your perfect candidate.

We’re ambitious and believe that our relationship driven approach will prove more successful over time, through client and candidate satisfaction, over a metrics driven standard recruitment model.

We want to enjoy what we do and staring at a screen, reading endless CV’s isn’t a barrel of laughs. Building relationships with both clients and candidates by being approachable, honest folk, is very rewarding.

In recruitment, great relationships are based on trust, delivery of results and respect. We’ll give you honest feedback and we’ll really listen.




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